Belfry Design is an Oregon creative company dedicated to crazy, wonderful, and outlandish projects.  Everything from mixed-medium sculptures, to parties, to cakes, to art photography – if a project is unique, challenging, and a little weird, I love it!

Why the name “Belfry Design”?  For year, friends and family would always affectionately tell me I was crazy.  That these projects of mine were insane, over-the-top, very “Lizzy”, kind of weird, and fun, and always, always “crazy.”  When I was trying to think of a name to brand my creative work, the word “crazy” kept affectionately popping into my head – I love that word, so fun and full of adventure and oddity.

So I started looking up words and phrases that meant “crazy” or “insane” or a little bit nuts, and I found the age-old adage “bats in the belfry,” as in – “That one’s a little insane.  She’s got bats in the belfry.”  And the name Belfry Design was born.  Our logo depicts a worn old belfry (bell tower), with bats swirling into the top of the tower.  If you look at the logo and squint your eyes, you can see the shape of a hidden “B” within the logo, made by the shape of the bats and the rocks and the spaces.”

I’ve loved sculpting for as long as I can remember, and working with a variety of materials has always been my favorite.  Fabric, clay, wire, paints, glass, odds-and-ends, I love it all.  Heck, even just snow – you put me on vacation with snow outside, and you’ll get a giant snow octopus – I just love sculpting!

I graduated from George Fox University in 2010 with a degree in Cinema and Media Communications (film production concentration), and was invited back a year later to begin teaching in the department as an adjunct professor.  Teaching at Fox has been one of the highlights of my career.  One of my very favorite classes that I taught there was an art direction class, where I had the privilege of working with some very talented students as we worked on set design, costumes, mask sculpting, making aliens out of found-materials – I had a blast that semester.

I live near Portland, Oregon with my wonderful husband Justin and our crazy dog Jeeves.  We are currently in the process of adopting a toddler from South Korea, and are bursting with excitement to bring them home in 2018 – what an adventure!

If you want to learn more about the projects I do, commissioning work, art for sale, or just general inquiries, check out my FAQ page and contact page.  I’d love to hear from you!

-Elizabeth Hudec